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The World Food Programme in Kenya

WFP supports resilient food system by providing conditional food or cash assistance in food insecure communities to fill their immediate food gaps as they create climate-resilient assets for increasing production and diversifying livelihoods. WFP also supports smallholder farmers in accessing markets, agricultural inputs, credit and technologies, and works with traders and retailers to address inefficiencies in food supply chains.

WFP supports national and county government authorities in ensuring that their respective safety nets and nutrition action plans are inclusive, integrated and effective at reducing poverty and hunger and that the emergency preparedness, response and recovery mechanisms can meet the humanitarian needs of crisis-affected populations.

WFP provides refugees living in Kenyan camps with unconditional food and nutrition assistance through cash and food transfers, while investing in solutions that increase refugees’ self-reliance including supporting livelihoods diversification. WFP will only undertake relief assistance in the country in exceptional circumstances in the event of a shock that exceeds national capacities.

WFP works to ensure that government, humanitarian and development partners can benefit from effective and cost-efficient logistics services – including air transport, common coordination platforms and improved commodities supply chains – to improve the delivery of relief to refugees and the quality of health services provided by the Government.

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