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Amanda Brondy

United States Vice President, International Projects Global Cold Chain Alliance

Amanda Brondy is the Vice President of International Projects at the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), the leading trade association for the temperature controlled logistics industry. Through its non-profit arm, the World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO), Amanda leads GCCA implementation of international development projects that support the integration and standardization of refrigerated agricultural supply chains around the world, with the aim of reducing post-harvest loss, improving SME performance, and ultimately ensuring the provision safe and high-quality products around the world. She has led assessments and activities in Angola, Bangladesh, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Nigeria, and the Philippines. She is also leading the industry’s efforts to coordinate logistics assistance for perishable products with food banks and other groups working to redistribute food. Prior to joining the GCCA, Amanda spent eight years managing projects in Asia and Africa for Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), spending five years overseas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Timor-Leste managing public sector and public-private partnerships for economic recovery. Amanda holds a Master’s degree from the Johns' Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a Bachelors from Texas A&M.

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