Christopher Mukuluka

Zambia Proprietor CM Versatile Enterprise

CM Versatile Enterprise is proposing a Maize Milling Plant to service Small and Medium Scale Maize Farmers of Livingstone, Kazungula, Mwandi, Sesheke and Zimba districts of Zambia.

CM Versatile Enterprise will work with small and medium scale farmers of maize to process their maize into finished products like Mealie Meal and Maize Bran. The idea is to help farmers get full benefits of their produce after value addition. Currently millers are buying maize from farmers and produce maize meal which they sale at a higher price, almost 100% of the cost of buying maize.

CM Versatile Enterprise will work with farmers and allow them to bring their maize for milling and CM Versatile Enterprise will market and sale for them and pay after the produce is sold at a lucrative and beneficial price to the farmer.

Maize Bran will be sold to animal feed making companies and surplus exported either to Botswana or Zimbabwe. This simply means that farmers will have double income arising from maize meal and as well as maize bran.

CM Versatile Enterprise will encourage farmers to form co-operatives and they will be encouraged to bring their produce under a registered co-operative, a co-operative which will sign an MOU with CM Versatile Enterprise.

Areas of Expertise: