Hirondina Tavasse Mondlane

Mozambique Portfolio Manager DAI GLOBAL LLC Mozambique

Hirondina Mondlane. I have more than 17 years’ experience working with international development agencies (Norwegian, Swedish, English, and Swiss) engaged in promoting political, economic, social and cultural development. During this period, I have taken management responsibilities as a Market System Portfolio Manager at DAI Global, Gender Advisor at TechnoServe and Program Coordinator for Norwegian People’s Aid in Central and Northern Mozambique where I was responsible for program management and provision of technical support to eleven partner organisations, as well as leading research projects to inform the implementation progress. I also held a Program Assistant role at the Department of Cooperation for Development at the Swedish Embassy in Maputo for four years and an Administrative Assistance position at the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation. I have passion for participatory governance, women and youth economic empowerment and inclusive community development. I hold a Master of Development Practice from the University of Queensland (Australia) and an Honors Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from ISRI (Mozambique). I speak fluent English, Portuguese and Chishangana (Bantu language). 

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