Expert in Value chain Development


Congo - Kinshasa Sustainable Food System Specialist DAI Global

Jacques FAMILI SUMBU is an expert in food security, livelihood, biodiversity and natural conservation. Working in food and agribusiness sector in the Congo Basin Forests. He contributed to policy, strategic and technical analysis for country issues relating to the sectors of climate change, biodiversity, land tenure, indigenous peoples and finance. A very good manager with excellent interpersonal skills. Hands on experience of handling / managing value chain-based agribusiness projects in multinational & multi-cultural set up in private / business set up as well development project for small & marginal farmers. A social entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in leading the development of multi-agency Strategies and Action Plans to promote quality of life and address issues impacting upon the environment, sustainable agriculture and livelihoods. For generating good results, I consider myself to be a responsible and good leader who creates conditions and opportunities. Has considerable experience in challenging existing practices and the strategic development of services to address community needs, an effective leader with a good track record in performance management and livelihoods programs. Successful lobbyist and campaigner covering environment, regeneration and sustainability issues at the Congo Basin Forests levels. I am proud that with over 11+ years professional experience, my specialties are:
• Agribusiness / Agriculture: Value chain development, micro-enterprise development, agricultural marketing, organic value chain management, sustainable farming systems, farm extension services (Horticultural, field & cash crops; medicinal plants), Quality Assurance auditor for Fairtrade and Regenerative Farming standards. 
• Environment: Green finance, Vision and strategy, Nature recovery, Ecological integrity, Biodiversity quality, monitoring and measurement, Land management, Partnerships, Entrepreneurship, scaling solutions and Securing funding.
• Business Management: Strategic & business planning, product management, operations planning & management, business development and networking.

I can describe myself as a self-motivated, problem-solver, who thrives in a team environment, with excellent analytical skills, combined with flexibility and curiosity, a highly organized and detail-oriented in the field of value chain management, business development, gender promotion and network linking with excellent leadership management.

Areas of Expertise: