Mbachundu R.

Richard Mbachundu

Zambia Executive Board Chairperson Voluntary Support Group Initiative Zambia

I am 59 years old middle aged man from Lusaka ,Zambia in Southern Africa. Iam an initially trained as an agronomist with Trans-World Tutorial College. I have a zeal for humanitarian support for the less privileged who have traditional land as their sole inheritance yet fail to utilise the same land. To me its my starting point whenever i want to put up aro based ventures for the less privileged. I love creativity and sustainable innovations that make vulnerable an poor rural people improve livelihoods. I am a change agents for both social and health change. I have been trained as social worker, psychosocial counselor, community Mobilisation and many social fields. I have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with grassroot communities to move away from food insecurity to food security,from grass thatched homes to permanent ones from poverty to prosperity using the land they inherited from their fire parents. Im currently spearheading a project known as agricultural based water reticulation Project for 7,000 peasant farmers who will support 280,000 vulnerable person's with basic needs from 25% of profits. 

Areas of Expertise: