David Malouin

Uganda Media Producer twinofkim-films

Since graduating from film school, I’ve worked in the storytelling industry in many capacities spanning the creative and technical divide (e.g., camera operator, editor, producer, engineer). I’ve edited films, I’ve taught people across the globe how to edit media content, I’ve captured footage and sound from the American metropolis to the African bush, I’ve designed production and post-production workflows, and I’ve worked with many people helping them produce their stories. My greatest reward is developing the community required to move a project from inception to completion; finding the right villagers to raise the baby! I enjoy all aspects of message design and production, especially working with the many people I have built relationships with to complete the final product. In addition to making movies I have also run documentary filmmaking camps for underserved youth. Teaching tools which allow the disadvantaged to tell their stories in their own voices (e.g., video, photography, lighting, graphics, music, composition), and witnessing the confidence that comes out of their accomplishments, is truly inspiring. Currently my focus is on creating and producing non-fiction content, with the aim of making the world a better place through media and film. If we can deliver messages that educate and inspire, imagine the changes we can spark.

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