Sugandha Munshi

India Senior Specialist International Rice Research Institute

A recipient of National Women Achiever Award “Aadhi Abaadi” in India and  belonging to the state of Bihar, Sugandha Munshi is an advocate of gender equality and works closely with women farmers . She has an intensive experience of more than a decade (12 years) working in the field of gender mainstreaming including research. She has completed her International Leadership Program from WYSE UK and is an ambassador for South Asia. With degrees in Political Science, Gender, and Journalism from University of Delhi, she specialization in conceiving, designing, and promoting interventions and policies targeting at Gender issues. She held a position of Global Shaper of World Economic Forum, Geneva for consecutive 6 years and elected Hub Curator for two years. She has been an agenda contributor for women farmers in World Economic Forum. Currently working as a Senior Specialist in International Rice Research Institute, she closely works with women farmers and partnership advocacy on innovations and policy interventions in agriculture. She has authored and co-authored various international as well as national publications on the work related to women farmers and system thinking innovation. She has been on the panel of various national and international dialogues on gender issues. She has also been one of the jury members of United Nation Youth Volunteer Award 2020 and an expert moderator of panel discussion on "Recognizing  women leaders working in Climate Action, Health and Well-Being",  celebrating International Women Day  2022 by UNDP. 

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