Racine Ly

Senegal Director, Data Management, Digital Products and Technology AKADEMIYA2063

Dr. Racine Ly is AKADEMIYA2063's Director of Data Management, Digital Products, and Technology. His research interests are in the intersection of geospatial data, predictive modeling, and climate variability in relation to the African food production system. He uses his research to improve data-driven decision-making inside government agencies, ensuring efficient responses and robust readiness for climate-related disruptions.

Dr. Ly's educational background includes a master's degree in mathematics modeling and multi-scale simulation from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris) and Gustave Eiffel University. He later received a doctorate in engineering sciences applied to space transportation systems from the French space agency (Centre National d'Études Spatiales). He is also a 2018 Obama Leaders Africa program fellow.

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