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Peter Gubbels

Ghana Director of Action Learning and Advocacy Groundswell International

Peter Gubbels is Groundswell’s Director of Action Learning and Advocacy for West Africa and is one of Groundswell’s co-founders. A Canadian, Peter has 38 years of experience in rural development, including over 28 years living and working in West Africa. Currently based in a village in northern Ghana, Peter provides action research and advocacy support to Groundswell’s partners in 4 countries who empower rural communities to build equitable and ecologically sound local economies, spread lasting solutions, and engage in wider coalitions for change.  On behalf of the Groundswell West Africa network, Peter participates in several working within the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) and serves as a senior fellow within the Global Evergreening Alliance.  He is the author of many case studies, policy briefs and research reports relating to agroecology and resilience.

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