Peetambar Dahal

United States Researcher (Retd.) University of California, Davis

Peetambar Dahal, PHD

Seed, and Nutrition Specialist; Subject Matter Expert (Food Loss and Waste Cohort 5)

 I received PHD in Plant Biology (1994) and MS in Vegetable Science (1989) from University of California, Davis (UCD), USA and BS (1974) in Agriculture from Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPUAT), Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. After graduation from UCD, I was involved in seed research for another 20 years and dissemination of seed technology to Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Kenya, Tanzania through USAID Horticulture Innovation Lab, UCD. Currently, I am involved in bringing awareness on the need of scaling up dry chain seed concepts through different institutions for complementing disaster preparedness, food, nutrition security. Upon using the dry chain program, food loss at farms could be minimized. In other words, dry food production could be increased by about 25% upon implementing this technology in the developing countries. This idea was also discussed extensively in the UN supported program through The Rockefeller Foundation and Food Systems Game Changer Lab (2021) where various researchers and policy makers shared ideas to improve food value chain in various cohorts. In the Food Loss and Waste cohort, dry chain concept was appreciated for improving the value chain in the developing countries where need of portal has been proposed to share with the food stakeholders. We are looking for resources to refine the portal by collaborating with developmental organizations.

Pertinent publications 

  6. Seed Times (2012). The National Seed Association of India, New Delhi 5(2):32-38.
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