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Natalie Bailey

United States Biodiversity Advisor USAID/DDI/EEI/NE/Biodiversity Division

Natalie Bailey joined USAID in 2014 and serves as a Biodiversity Advisor in DDI's Environment Center. Natalie serves on the Steering Committee for USAID’s One Health Working Group, which collaborates and coordinates across health, agriculture, humanitarian assistance, and natural resources management sectors to provide evidence-based technical support to Missions and to Agency programming, policies, and outreach across sectors. In addition, Natalie leads the Wild Meat Collaborative Learning Group, which generates and shares evidence to inform USAID’s efforts to improve wild meat programming and to understand those connections to food security, health, and conservation. She previously also supported communications on biodiversity and served on the communications team for USAID’s COVID Task Force. Prior to USAID, Natalie worked for collaborative projects of conservation non-governmental organizations for African biodiversity and wildlife conservation, including the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force and the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group. Natalie holds an M.S. in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology from the University of Maryland.

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