Marisol Pierce-Quinonez

United States Knowledge Management Specialist KDAD Project ~ Insight Systems

Marisol Pierce-Quinonez is a Knowledge Management Specialist for the Feed the Future KDAD project. Mari is the Activity Lead for knowledge sharing events like the Ag Sector Council Seminars, #AskAg Twitter Chats, and various other webinars. She is in charge of maintaining the Agrilinks library and event pages. Prior to joining the Feed the Future KDAD team she worked with several NGOs in Massachusetts to collectively improve the domestic food system.  Marisol holds an MS in Agricultural Policy and an MA in Urban & Environmental Planning, both from Tufts University, and spends a ton of time in her garden.

Latest Submissions

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Food Security: Implications for Developing Climate Resilient Agriculture Programs

Oct 30, 2014 Ronald Reagan Building, Pavilion Room 1300 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Over the three-year USAID African and Latin American Resilience to Climate Change (ARCC) program, the team used rigorous data analysis to advise USAID Missions and implementing partners on best practices...

Rice Science to Ensure Global Nutrition and Food Security

Sep 24, 2014 Ronald Reagan Building, Oceanic A&B 1300 Pennsylvania Ave Washington, District of Columbia, 20002, United States
The challenges facing the world today to increase food supplies by more than 50 percent over the coming decades in the face of climate change are arguably much greater than...

USAID Tropical Soybean for Development Workshop

Oct 28, 2014 online
Soybean is a non-native crop that is new to practitioners and farmers in the tropics, especially to the current agricultural portfolios of small and medium holders. Challenges exist for research...

Beyond Fences: Policy Options for Biodiversity, Livelihoods & Transboundary Animal Disease Management in Southern Africa

Jun 18, 2014 QED Large Conference Room 1250 Eye St NW, Suite 1100 Washington, District of Columbia, 20004, United States
Please join us at 9:00 AM EDT for a screening of Beauty and the Beef . The Seminar will begin promptly at 9:30. A key economic driver behind southern African...

Unlocking Smallholder Assets: Warehouse Receipts and ICT

May 28, 2014 online
Many farmers are severely constrained in crop production by a lack of access to credit. Warehouse receipts can provide the collateral needed for short-term loans, allowing farmers to store their...

Agricultural Research for Impact: Partnering with Feed the Future Innovation Labs

Apr 23, 2014 The QED Group, LLC 1250 Eye St. NW, Suite 1100 Washington, District of Columbia, 20005, United States
Behind every great agricultural innovation, there are researchers dedicated to helping the world achieve food security. One of the pillars of the Feed the Future Initiative is a robust research...