Martina Torma

Netherlands Marketing and Communications Coordinator Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance

The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a global alliance of firms standardizing the development of professional farmer organizations (FOs).

We believe that professional farmer organizations are essential for poverty alleviation and food security – and that the key is for smallholders to survive and flourish as a business by being organized and professional.

AMEA defines global standards for professional farmer organizations. To help farmer organizations meet these standards, we provide best-in-class assessments and training materials, and certify the service providers that deliver them.

AMEA uses a cost-effective and integrated system of standards, assessments, training materials and service providers, to give buyers, banks, and input suppliers greater confidence to engage farmer organizations in stronger, more resilient supply chains.

All in all, AMEA offers a scalable and transformative solution for farmer and supply chain business development.

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