Makeda Tsegaye

Ethiopia Founder/CEO NetBizImpact Ltd

I am the Founder and CEO of NetBizImpact Ltd,, a company incorporated in Kenya and targets the East African marketplace.   We launched operation in Feb. 2017 and our work involves identifying, nurturing and scaling commercially viable and growth-oriented agribusinesses.  We provide tailor-made investment readiness to high-potential businesses to facilitate capital raise.   We also provide market linkage and technology advisory services.  To support our core offerings and that of our partners, we conduct various business and value chain focused analytics and studies.   We work with diverse stakeholders including small and growing businesses, corporates, development agencies and other partners.   Our mission is to promote innovation and commercially viable business models in agribusiness to accelerate inclusive, sustainable and impactful agricultural growth in Africa. 

I have 15 + years’ experience in agribusiness, enterprise development, innovation and international development working with USAID and World Economic Forum/ Grow Africa Initiative. I have experience working in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.   My LinkedIn profile:

Excited to join and looking forward to interacting with members of the Agrilinks community.  

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