Lydiah Maranga

United States Program Officer University of California, Davis

Lydiah Maranga holds an MSc. in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis, with an emphasis on project planning & evaluation, plant pathology, and soil science.  She worked with Agrismart company to develop a market-oriented farm from nursery bed development to field-wide vegetable planting and harvesting planning.  She also worked as a consultant for private companies to provide farmers with solutions for their agronomic challenges.  Before joining the organization,  she worked as a Fellow in the Development in Gardening organization in developing indicators for measuring social cohesion as part of monitoring and evaluation tools for their projects.  Currently, she works as a Program Officer with Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Horticulture at UC Davis.  Part of her duties is to create awareness and promote various technologies that UC Davis researchers have developed to help smallholder farmers increase the production of fruits and vegetables to help nourish the populations and generate income.  She would probably be part of the crew taking you around at the Horticulture Innovation Lab demo center.  

Areas of Expertise: