Kalkidan Fikirie

Ethiopia Researcher Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research EIAR

My name is Kalkidan Fikirie, Female, Ethiopia.  I am currently a Researcher at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research in the Natural Resource Management Research Directorate. I have gained my Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from Jimma University and my MSc degree from Hawassa University Wondo-Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources in Ethiopia. My academic training and more than nine years of research experience prepare me to be an effective researcher in the disciples of Watershed Management. My MSc thesis was entitled ‘The role of gender in small scale irrigation agriculture among smallholder farmers in Lume District in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia’ which was highly appreciated by the university community. In my research career, I have contributed to research by developing research proposals, designing and executing research experiments, training junior researchers, and publishing research outputs. In these, I developed and built a good research experience, critical thinking, writing and reading, communication skills, and confidence. My research typically involves experimental, quantitative, and qualitative approaches regarding a watershed management. I have been conducting several studies on the agricultural sector and observed substantial effects of watershed management on ecosystem services. 


Areas of Expertise: