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Klaus Wittkuhn

Germany Managing Partner Performance Design Partners

Mr. Wittkuhn, CPT, is managing partner of Performance Design Partners, a company specialized in performance improvement projects in industry, government, local government and NGOs. Mr. Wittkuhn developed a specific Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) methodology that proved to be successful in more than 20 USAID projects.

Previously he was managing partner of a German consultancy that focused on organizational development and training based on the performance improvement methodology also. He was in Senior Management of a consultancy (1000 people) specialized on financial services and his first career was in the Military where in addition to his technical career he managed training centers.

His experience covers 25 years of consulting across all industries, government, civil service, and NGOs.

His experience as team leader spans more than 20 years in managing multi-national projects in more than 25 countries, many of them being USAID projects.

Mr. Wittkuhn was awarded the highest award of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to recognize his achievements in methodology development and was the first one to achieve the Geary Rummler Award for the Advancement of Performance Improvement. He is a former President of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

He published extensively on Performance Improvement, is Adjunct Faculty universities in Germany and Switzerland, and is a frequent speaker on international conferences on performance improvement topics.

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