Erick Ombija

Kenya Founder &CEO Grassroots Transforming Network (GTN)

I am the Founder at GTN Community Based Organization ( in Kenya, East Africa) serving at the capacity of the CEO & Lead Researcher working together with a dynamic staff of seven professional volunteers. I am an Everyday Expert, Writer by passion, Trained Peer Counselor, Content Developer, Product and Content Reviewer, Public Speaker, Social Innovator and Youth Advocate with over seven years’ experience in community development, project management and grassroots advocacy; all mastered through extensive self-learning, continual adapting, innovative volunteerism and non-academic research. I am very passionate about rural development in the following areas of interests: sustainable youth employment ; youth mentoring and youth leadership; grassroots childhood development; sustainable agriculture; local climate action; and quality education for youth and children.

For the last seven years, through innovative volunteerism and community service, I have worked too closely with several non-profit, government and private-sector practitioners as my mentors and advisors. This has molded me to be culturally and socially sensitive with ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a range of partners; including grassroots communities, youth and youth leaders, NGOs, county governments, governmental departments and private-sector fraternity; thus familiarity with tools and approaches of communications for development.

I have deeper and keener interest in childhood-and-youth development through nonprofit-and-social ventures within the SDGs' implementation framework. I am always comfortable with dynamic environments and willing to put in the hard and sometimes tedious work of pulling together a great project/campaign at a shorter notice to achieve excellent and desired results. I am extremely determined, innovative, resilient, self-driven, goal oriented, reliable and cope well with both externalities and emerging realities.

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