Dorothy Mituki

Kenya Dr EGERTON University

Dr. Dorothy holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Nutritional Sciences, a Masters in Science (MSc) in Food Science and dietetics and a Bachelor of Education degree in Home Science & Technology. She is a Lecturer in the Department of Human Nutrition in Egerton University, with over 20 years’ working experience 15 of which, have been in Egerton University, she is a Food and nutrition security expert, and an educationist, knowledgeable and experienced in multi-disciplinary research, and policy formulation with a focus on food and nutrition security, agri-nutrition strategies, and Nutrition Sensitive interventions, for improved household food security. She is also knowledgeable in Food systems approach (with a certificate in Food Systems from Wageningen-Netherlands) with an interest on repositioning food systems for improved nutritional outcomes particularly for maternal and child Health. Dorothy has been involved in Nutrition policy formulation, both at the National and County levels.  She has had a stint in corporate management in Kenya National Trading Corporation where she as part of a team were instrumental in the implementation of a presidential directive on Mwea rice for improved food security and economic empowerment of the Kenyan Rice farmers. She has authored several research articles in peer referenced journals and presented research findings and key note presentations in conferences, most recently, she was a Panelist in the18th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting between 28th November and 2nd December, 2022. The topic was on theRole of Research, Innovation and Education in nutrition-sensitive agriculture for sustainable agriculture and food systems development; Linking Research to Policy”. As a researcher she is versed with designing and implementation of field studies/researches including Randomized controlled trials.


Areas of Expertise: