Barakat Mahmoud, Ph.D. (Food Safety)

United States KM Specialist USAID RFS

Dr. Mahmoud is a KM Specialist in the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security. Dr. Mahmoud was Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion at MSU. Prior to that, he was holding a Postdoctoral position (in Food Safety), Purdue University. He earned his PhD in Marine Biosciences (Food Safety) from Hokkaido University (Japan). Prior to that he was a Visiting Scientist at University of Lisbon (Portugal). He was holding a Researcher position at the NRC (Egypt) between 1994 and 2000. He got his BSc/MSc degrees in Agricultural Sciences from Cairo University. The main goal of Dr. Mahmoud’s work is to Protect Public Health; Reduce the prevalence of Foodborne Illness and promote the introduction of safer food using Novel Technologies including Electrolyzed Water, X-RAY, ClO2. Dr. Mahmoud got more than $1M from the USDA, States and Food Industry to support his Research (between 2008 and 2016). Dr. Mahmoud published about 100 publications (in international journals and/or conferences), two book chapters and edited a book entitle "Salmonella-A Dangerous Foodborne Pathogen” (His publications were citied more than 1200 times). He served as an editor-in-chief, editor/editorial board member for 12 international journals including Food Microbiology, Journal of Food Protection, Foodborne Pathogens & Disease, African Journal of Food Scinece. He was an active member in several large food science organizations including the IAFP, IFT; served as a spokesman for the IFT.  Dr. Mahmoud has done (as a Technical Expert in Food Safety, Food Technology, R&D, Post-Harvest, etc.) about 15 assignments for the USAID FtF program in several developing countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and Caribbean including Egypt, Malawi, Mozambique, Lebanon, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, etc.  

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