Ben Huntington

United Kingdom Project Manager, Global Burden of Animal Diseases University of Liverpool

Experienced Veterinary Surgeon, Trainer, People Developer and Project Manager.

Over the last decade I have gained experience working for two integrated poultry producers, two livestock veterinary practices in UK and Canada and on food safety and animal health projects in partnership with government in the UK, overseas and with the FAO in South East Asia. The approach I have developed in this time is to marry scientific rigour with the realism and fast pace required in a commercial setting. I thrive on developing links between industry and academia, sharing data and using a collaborative approach to address major industry issues such as Campylobacter control and antimicrobial resistance. I have experience of raising funds for research and development projects directly from industry partners, through BBSRC and Innovate UK. I am motivated by the development of individuals and teams who can, through their own expertise, have a greater impact on society than would be possible were I to work in isolation. I have a passion for coaching and mentoring which I believe should form the basis of any people development plan.

I believe that Animal Health professionals are an integral part of the Human Health system.

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