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Archana Karanam

United States Head, Organizational Learning & Sharing Digital Green

Archana Karanam is an ICT for ARD professional and has been a vital part of Digital Green since 2009. Throughout her tenure, she has held diverse roles and demonstrated exceptional leadership. Archana's notable accomplishments include securing grants totaling USD 2.7 million for Digital Green, championing personalized solutions for farmers, leading digital innovation initiatives, and pioneering the development of an Innovation learning framework. She has played pivotal roles in capacity building for thousands of frontline functionaries, introduced a Virtual Training Institute for government extension agents, and designed Interactive Voice Response and Artificial Intelligence-based Chatbots to benefit farmers. Her expertise in ICT-based innovations, including soil sensor systems, has contributed to informed decision-making among farmers. Archana also played a significant role in introducing human-mediated video-based extension and communication technologies, reaching over 1 million farmers across multiple states. Her contributions have been instrumental in Digital Green's program success.

In her current role, Archana is actively engaged as an integral member of the product team, overseeing Product Operations for the Unified Product Direction rollout. She is expected to participate fully in discussions, meetings, and brainstorming sessions related to product development, testing, and deployment. Her extensive experience working closely with our user base, profound knowledge of our organization, and pivotal involvement in the initial launch of the first AI bot  position her uniquely to provide invaluable insights and observations. Her contributions will play a critical role in refining operational processes, enhancing collaboration, and optimizing the overall product development procedure.

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