Adam Ahmed

Adam Ahmed

United States KM and Events Specialist KDLT

Latest Submissions

Women’s Empowerment in Beyond-Production Activities

Mar 31, 2021 online
Women engage in a variety of agricultural roles across the value chain. Many approaches, promising practices, and tools to support women’s empowerment in production have emerged in recent years. However...

ICTforAg: Unpacking Sustainability Journeys

Feb 03, 2021 online
Funding for digital agriculture in many of the markets where the development sector works remain largely donor driven. The Digitalisation of African Agriculture Report , for example, found that investments...

Socioeconomic Impacts of COVID-19 in Four African Countries

Nov 18, 2020 online
This webinar will provide some of the first evidence on the socioeconomic impacts of and responses to the pandemic among households and individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa.