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In this blog, learn more about production water in the Food Safety Modernization Act.
Both food security and market-led approaches are necessary and appropriate for nutrition-sensitive agriculture. Here's why.
The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy has advocated for free crop choice on paddy plots to bolster farmer incomes in Myanmar.
To help agriculture implementers become more nutrition-sensitive, SPRING and USAID have developed a new online training course to learn more about the links between agriculture and nutrition and how to use evidence-based behavior change methods in nutrition-sensitive agriculture practices.
Water scarcity poses a threat to public health, food security, and economic prosperity — particularly in the Middle East. Alberto Ramos explores the potential of a sustainable and affordable solution.
Learn how an outreach promoter program for coffee-producing families offers youth an opportunity to earn a living while maintaining roots in their community.
Check out 10 key lessons learned from Securing Water for Food's three years of progress towards producing more food with less water and making more water available for the food value chain.
Agrilinks takes a look at the interlocking issues of weather, resilience, gender, natural resources management, nutrition, agriculture/livestock, policy and more in sustainably furthering water and food security!
While the design of technology is important, small-scale irrigation that intends to promote gender equality will need to go beyond ensuring equal use to securing equal benefits.
Digital tools can improve activity monitoring, increase transparency along the ag value chain and attract investment. Learn how one project is enabling value chain actors to leverage the power of data to serve farmers.