Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab (SMIL)

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Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet

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Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab (SMIL)

Sorghum and Millet Innovation Lab (SMIL) creates and supports food systems and entrepreneurial opportunities to reduce poverty and hunger in West and East Africa and Haiti.

SMIL conducts extensive research and develops new technologies to improve the resiliency of sorghum and millet production in semi-arid regions.

Through inclusive development, SMIL invests in the next generation of private and public leaders in sorghum and millet food systems.

SMIL national teams focus research on demand-responsive programming based on their intimate knowledge of local context and opportunities. The national teams work with global research partners, in-country technicians, farmer cooperatives, end users, newly trained leaders, and government officials to solve the most pressing agricultural and economic development issues.

SMIL Program Administrator

Benjamin Kohl, Ph.D.

Benjamin Kohl, Ph.D.

Program Administrator

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