Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships Activity

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Market Systems Development and Private Sector Engagement

The Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships (MSP) Activity aims to advance learning and good practice on market systems development (MSD) and private sector engagement (PSE) within USAID (Washington, D.C., and Missions), USAID implementing partners, and market actors by providing and improving upon the evidence, capacity, tools, technical assistance, and services required to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate activities. MSP supports USAID to bring about a major cultural and operational transformation by integrating PSE across all activities while deepening MSD and facilitative approaches across the program cycle. MSP is a flexible, demand-driven mechanism with a global footprint. 

MSP has four core, interdependent objectives: 

  • Support effective private sector partnership development and management via a partnership facility, executed through multi-year, demand-driven engagements with USAID Missions and focused on advancing transformational outcomes
  • Provide analytical and other services for design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation through demand-driven analysis, design support, evaluation, monitoring, and more
  • Generate knowledge on MSD and PSE via implementation of a multi-stream Learning Agenda and iterative learning-by-doing from MSP’s own implementation
  • Build capacity to design, implement, monitor, evaluate, and learn from MSD and PSE through participatory trainings, tool and resource development, experiential learning, communities of practice, peer learning exchanges, and more

Through synergistic implementation of these four objectives and a highly collaborative, adaptive approach, MSP will ultimately result in improved effectiveness of Feed the Future and USAID programs to bring about sustained development outcomes at scale in agriculture-led economic growth, improved food security and nutrition, and strengthened resilience.

Learning Agenda

Image illustrating the 5 learning streams

The Learning Agenda provides an overview of MSP’s learning priorities and a sample of activities that contribute to MSP’s overall goal of advancing learning and good practice in PSE and MSD. It articulates strategic goals across five prioritized areas—Learning Streams—and heightens the focus on driving behavior change of the target audience. MSP’s Learning Agenda is advanced through both targeted learning actions and learning-by-doing in MSP’s private sector Partnership Facility and other activities. The Learning Agenda was developed through a series of stakeholder consultations; it is a living document and will continue to be refined with stakeholder feedback and insights gained during implementation.

MSP Consortium

MSP is implemented by DAI with our core partners MarketShare Associates, TechnoServe, Vikāra Institute (formerly EcoVentures International), and ISF Advisors.

Leadership Team

USAID COR: Kristin O’Planick

MSP Chief of Party: Nathan Hulley

Contact us at[email protected]