Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish

About Us

Where We Work & What We Do

Target Countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, and Zambia.

Areas of Inquiry:

  • Advancing the productivity frontier: Identify and develop scalable technologies and practices that will sustainably increase fish production, while prioritizing natural resource conservation and the needs of fishers and producers.
  • Reducing and mitigating risks to fish production systems: Identify and develop scalable technologies and practices that will reduce and mitigate risks to fish production systems, particularly through improved fish and environmental health.
  • Improving human outcomes: Generate actionable evidence on how fish production systems can equitably improve economic opportunity and nutrition among vulnerable households in developing countries.

Cross-Cutting Themes:

To enhance the development impact of Fish Innovation Lab research in our three program areas, we also incorporate essential cross-cutting themes into each funded project:

1.       Gender Equity and Youth Inclusion
2.       Nutrition
3.       Resilience
4.       Human and Institutional Capacity Development