Feed the Future Global Supporting Seed Systems for Development (S34D)

Photo of El Salvadoran farmer holding canavalia seeds, which he uses as a cover crop, in his field

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Daniel Thompson

Chief of Party

Nikaj (Nik) van Wees

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Open to both national and international candidates, S34D is seeking a consultant to provide support to the development of economics-driven business models that could strengthen forage seed systems and the production of cultivated forages in Cambodia. The consultant will conduct a literature review, carry out stakeholder interviews, assess the feasibility of various business opportunities, formulate recommendations and next steps, and support report finalization and dissemination, amongst other tasks. The deadline for applications is open through January 27, 2023. Please visit this page for additional details and submission instructions.

What We Do

Feed the Future Global Supporting Seed Systems for Development's (S34D) global experts in formal and informal seed systems, and humanitarian and emergency aid programming provide technical assistance that complements ongoing host government and USAID investments. S34D is unique in that we operate on the interface between different seed systems. Technical Assistance addresses identified needs and gaps in the seed system and will strengthen the seed system to meet the agriculture-led inclusive economic growth objectives from the host government and USAID. S34D’s vision is to improve choices for farmers to access quality seeds for resilient livelihoods. S34D’s goal is to improve the functioning of seed systems through customized services to upgrade seed systems.

Our Team

Nikaj (Nik) van Wees

Chief of Party


Senior Technical Advisor, S34D - Catholic Relief Services

Senior Technical Advisor

Shaun Ferris, Ph.D.

Photo of Formal Seed Systems Advisor Shaun

Formal Seed Systems Advisor

Kate Longley, Ph.D.

Photo of Emergency and Resilience Seed Systems Advisor Kate

Emergency and Resilience Seed Systems Advisor

Jason Sullivan

Director of Operations Jason

Director of Operations

Sarah Beakes

Global Grants Finance Officer Sarah

Global Grants Finance Officer

Edward Walters

Agriculture and Markets Technical Advisor Ed

Agriculture and Markets Technical Advisor

Valerie Davis

Senior Technical Advisor, Gender Valerie

Senior Technical Advisor, Gender

Kelly Collis

Specialist Kelly


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