Feed the Future Advancing Women’s Empowerment (AWE) Program

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Women in Kenya sort green beans on a metal table in an indoor facility.

Learning Burst 1

In this learning burst, you will find articles and resources on Getting to Shared Value: Creating Alignment with the Private Sector to Achieve Inclusive Development Results, along with information on how to engage with

USAID - Guatemala

Join us for Ask an Expert: A Virtual Chat!

Join us for an open conversation with four experts on gender, social inclusion and private sector engagement from January 25–February 3, 2023!

Guatemalan woman smiling and holding apples

Learning Series Kickoff Recap

How can we increase women’s empowerment through co-creation and private sector engagement?

Guatemalan woman kneeling next to chicks eating from plastic feeder

LAC Learning Series Brief 1

The Feed the Future Advancing Women’s Empowerment (AWE) activity launched a virtual Learning Seminar Series for USAID Mission staff in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. This brief shares some takeaways from the

Guatemalan woman holding onions in front of large pile of onions.

LAC Learning Series Brief 2

As USAID increasingly recognizes inclusive market systems development as an instrumental approach for achieving sustainable and equitable impact at scale, the Feed the Future Advancing Women’s Empowerment (AWE) Activity

Guatemalan woman standing in field holding potatoes

LAC Learning Series Brief 3

In the third seminar of this learning series, AWE provided actionable insights for USAID missions to capture and apply evidence from engaging with the private sector. During the third seminar, a representative from the

women sit and stand around bags of cacao

PSE and Women's Empowerment Profile: USAID/Colombia

This profile showcases how the USAID/Colombia Mission engaged different private sector actors to identify common interests around women and youth inclusion and empowerment in the cacao value chain. Through a

A woman wearing a hairnet and mask holds plastic packaging.

Lessons from Ask the Expert

Lessons from experts and private sector companies on how inclusive market research can advance business and development outcomes.