DRAFT Agency-wide Nutrition Strategy [public comment sought]

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Date Published:
December 20, 2013

A technical working group, comprised of individuals across USAID, has developed a draft Nutrition Strategy and is seeking public comment. Please view this blog post for more details. The draft framework, in PowerPoint format, can be downloaded under "Resources" at right.The technical working group looks forward to your comments on the draft and would especially like your opinions on the following questions:

  • The strategy has several audiences: USAID Missions, partner countries, and multiple stakeholders in the U.S. and globally. Is it appropriately written for a wide audience?
  • Do you feel any important area is left out?
  • Will the strategy be helpful to your work? If not, what is missing?
  • Do the four intermediate results capture the most important areas for USAID to address in this long-term strategy?
  • Does the strategy convey the importance of multiple sectors contributing to nutrition improvements adequately?
  • Other comments and suggestions to strengthen the document?

Please send your comments on the strategy to nutritionstrategy2013@gmail.com by 12:00 Noon, January 10, 2014. We want to be able to incorporate public feedback into the draft strategy and greatly appreciate your time and energy in this effort!